Lake Eufaula Shores Harbor Print Artist and Educator

I am an artist-in-residence with the Oklahoma Arts Council and design projects lasting 1 to 8 weeks. I develop projects with an emphasis in printmaking, book arts and papermaking. A portable small printing press designed at Riveroaks Studio is transported and used in my workshops. This gives the students an opportunity to print their own hand pulled print. Tools and techniques used by fine art printers are interplayed with site objectives. Shorter one day programs have been developed, that can become a part of a larger residency, called Printathon and the Printathon and the Cloth Wall Hanging. The cloth wall hanging piece is more like what I call a performance piece. I follow the Oklahoma Arts Council professional fee schedule and guidelines. I have a BFA and BSE in art and a current teacher certification from Oklahoma.

During a one week residency, for example, I
work with 20 groups that are about 45 to 60 minutes long. The site furnishes all perishable supplies, like paper and ink. I furnish many non perishable supplies like printers palettes, brayers and a printing press.

A one week residency (20 hours) can cost as little as $200 with the assistance of the Oklahoma Arts Council, if your site is eligible. Contact OAC about eligibility and project proposals at 405-521-2931.


Printathon and the
Cloth Wall Hanging

A printathon is when many prints are produced in a short time. At a printathon the site chooses a theme, for example dinosaurs. The theme is interplayed with a relief printing project. This fun and clean project has accommodated up to 100 students in an hour and a half. Each student leaves with a hand pulled print that the student prints. A quilted wall hanging is made from the printing plates the students create. I take the plates to Riveroaks Studio and make the wall hanging. This is dried, quilted and delivered at a later date. 

The Printathon alone can be a one or two hour program that is developed with student input but no wall hanging is produced. Working one to two hours with students costs $125 plus mile- age. The wall hanging costs $385 plus mileage, this includes time being with students. Long distances from Eufaula can be arranged.