Monoprint, 14 ½” tall by 12” wide. There are 4 prints in this series all on black paper. $400-600 One of this series won 2nd place at the 7th Annual Cross Timbers Small Works Exhibit at Murray State College in 2003. This series is called “Immature Love Environments

Monoprint, 14 ½” tall by 12” wide, “Immature Love Environment” It is interesting to note there is a follow-up to this series. It is a print I made on hand made paper (I made the paper) using a totally different printing technique but using the same stencils as in “Immature Love Environments”. Not pictured, it is my favorite print to date.

Monoprint 91/2” tall by 8 ¼” wide. I have 9 guitar prints in this series. I help with a blues festival and this is the inspiration for all these works. $20-30

Monoprint 91/2” tall by 81/4” wide. Other prints that complement this series are DC Minner singing at the mic and a large star and a guitar prints.$20-30. Depending on which one you want in the series.


Monoprint 91/2” tall by 814” wide Blues Music Series

Monotype 221/2” tall by 18” wide, “Attitude is the Minds Paintbrush” $300

Monoprint, 18” tall by 6”wide apx., “My Friend the Puppeteer”. My neighbor is a puppeteer and this is a series of prints I consider portraits of my friend, Joann... This print is enhanced with silver leafing and chalk pastels. $100-$300 Depending on which one you want in the series

Monotype 221/2” tall by 18” wide, “ Listen to the Color of Emotion” This print has a companion not shown called “Sensitive to the Opportunity to Speak”. $500 each

Monotype, 221/2” tall by 18”wide, “Blue Guy” $75

Monoprint, 23” tall by 15” wide apx., some of this print has been cropped, the colors are different but it is like #11 $100-300

Monoprint, 23” tall by 15” wide apx. I have several prints in this series, maybe 7 or 8 prints left. Most are enhanced with pastels and several have metallic leafing. Remember, I have been a printer for about 30 years. I have loads of prints.

12. Linoprint, 61/2” tall by 41/2” wide, “Sassy Lady”. I have this print left in several colors. The enhanced color prints are $40. The plain one color prints are $20. All prints in my gallery are hand pulled and hand made prints by me.