Glenna McBride, artist
Riveroaks Studio
Printer, Papermaker and Book Artist

 Glenna was awarded artist-in-residence status in Oklahoma in 1994 and in Arkansas in 1999.  She has
shared her talents in printmaking, papermaking and book binding during extended stay workshops and brief one
class period experiences.  Her ability to work with groups having diverse backgrounds and age levels is also one
of her strengths. Glenna introduces students to an unique journey of self discovery  through simple creative
processes.  Students find possibilities of creative insight by interplaying colors, shapes, lines and themes with a
painterly form of printing called monoprinting.  A portable printing press that has been converted from an old
time washing machine wringer is used to provide students an opportunity to print one of a kind prints.  This
gives the participants a simplistic version of experiencing the moment of hand pulling a print from a printing
press.  Tools and techniques used by fine art printers are interplayed with sited objectives.  Candid experiences
of the students flourish in their artwork being made.  Glenna has a spontaneous ability to help each participant
feel they too are an artist.
 Formal training began in Jonesboro, Arkansas earning a BFA with an emphasis in intaglio printing.  She
also earned a BSE in Art Education in Little Rock, Arkansas. Glenna also maintains an Oklahoma Teaching
Certification which provides a means to help integrate curriculum and visual art fundamentals in a regular
school setting with a greater degree of comfort.
 Riveroaks Studio, a printing studio located on the shores of Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma is owned and
operated by Glenna. This is where many larger projects such as wall hangings and theme pieces have been
printed. Other printers can arrange to use this studio in an open studio concept.  Small groups have had classes
there and tours have been welcomed.

 Example projects that have been developed during residencies are:
  • Printing Demonstrations
  • Shoe Printing
  • Coptic Stitch Bookbinding
  • Slide Presentations
  • Stencil Making & Printing
  • Traditional Hardcover Bookbinding
  • Monoprinting
  • Papermaking
  • Linocuting & Printing
  • Collage Printing
  • Embossing Hand Made Paper
  • Cloth Wall Hangings
  • Stamp Making & Printing
  • Simplified Bookbinding
  • Painting
  • Hand Printing
  • Japanese Stab Bookbinding
  • Drawing

 References in Oklahoma or Arkansas are available on request.